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A while back I decided to try making cut autograph cards for Packers players using certified autos from index cards and licensed trading cards. My goal was to have the player's autograph along with a photo of that player with the Packers. Most of these players were only with the Packers for a short time or are now deceased.

Spent some time shopping around and researching previous year's rosters and finally began putting some of the cards together in the past few weeks. Here is what I have so far. Comments welcome & thanks for looking!

[Image: 2012PackersPC67_zps7c3859b6.jpg]

Nolan Luhn (WR, 1945-49), Bill Butler (S, 1959), Aaron Brooks (QB, 1999), Nick Hill (QB, 2012), Noah Herron (RB, 2005-07), Pat Terrell (S, 1998), ReShard Lee (RB, 2005), Roell Preston (WR/KR 1997 & 98), C.J. Wilson (DE, 2010-Present)

[Image: 2012PackersPC68_zpsf2527929.jpg]

Tim Couch (QB, 2004), Akili Smith (QB, 2003), Koren Robinson (WR, 2006-07), Marc Boerigter (WR, 2006), Ryan Krause (TE, 2007), Aaron Hayden (RB, 1997), Garth Gerhart (C, 2012-Present), Johnny White (RB, 2012), Frank Walker (CB, 2007)

[Image: 2012PackersPC69_zpsfc269fc6.jpg]

Fred Vinson (CB, 1999), Shannon Clavelle (DE, 1995-97), Jamon Meredith (T, 2009), Mike Morton (LB, 2000), Rob Holmberg (LB, 2001), Robert Thomas (LB, 2005), Terry McDaniel (CB, 1998), Brandon Miree (FB. 2006), Phillip Merling (DE, 2012)

[Image: 2012PackersPC70_zpse0e121e5.jpg]

Jonathan Brown (DE, 1998-99), Darius Holland (DT, 1995-97), Bucky Brooks (DB 1995-96 & 97), Biren Ealy (WR, 2009), Lamar Smith (RB, 2003), Reggie White (RB, 2003), Lee DeRamus (WR, 1998), James Bostic (RB, 1996), Gari Scott (WR, 2003)

[Image: 2012PackersPC71_zpsa84f174d.jpg]

Brian Manning (WR, 1998), Michael Bishop (QB, 2001), Karsten Bailey (WR, 2002-03)
Very interesting. I like it!
Awesome as always, Alan!
Nice man. I love doing this. I have a bunch of dolphins autos doing the same thing.
Thanks! Happy with how they turned out! Have some more in the works!
These are pretty cool! And, I hadn't realized that Garth Gerhart was on the Packers practice squad... I actually have his press pass auto and didn't realize he was on the team (so to say)!
A little upset at myself for trading away Reggie White rb, Johnny White, and Noah Herron autos when I had them
Thanks guys!

Jon, got the White's & Herron off of COMC. Think they were between 0.85 and 2.50 when I picked them up. Actually found most of the autos that I used for the cuts on there and got them on the cheap. The $3 flat rate shipping helped as well. Good place to check if you want to add a bunch of guys at once.
11/20 Update!

[Image: 2012PackersPC72_zps631542bb.jpg]

Ted Hendricks (LB, 1974), Graham Harrell (QB, 2010-12), Kurt Warner (QB, 1994), Rod Gardner (WR, 2005), J.T. O'Sullivan (QB, 2004), Todd Bouman (QB, 2006)

[Image: 2012PackersPC73_zps32252c82.jpg]

Lewis Billups (CB, 1992), Anthony Smith (S, 2010), Bryant Westbrook (CB, 2002-03), Darrien Gordon (DB/PR, 2002), Troy Drayton (TE, 2001)
Nice adds.
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