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Full Version: let's trade (scans)
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[Image: carlossantanattt_zps3525fc0a.jpg]
[Image: howardjacksondualauto_zps410c5f2f.jpg]
[Image: weaveripauto_zpsd084dc90.jpg]
[Image: marichalauto_zps41f3acbb.jpg]
[Image: longheritauto_zps0bf2e3dd.jpg]
[Image: ljhoesgoldrefauto_zps255c9b63.jpg]
[Image: jaybruceauto_zps468a6e3c.jpg]
[Image: maurywillstributeauto_zps6a0b05ea.jpg]
[Image: loftondualgu_zpscf573018.jpg]
[Image: abreuspxgu.jpg]

[Image: banksfiftyeightas_zps660adafe.jpg]
[Image: musialfiftynineas_zps47311049.jpg]
[Image: williemaysvintage_zps4360019e.jpg]
[Image: hrbeksweetspotauto_zpsfc9e19b4.jpg]
[Image: killebrewsweetspotauto_zps94ee4266.jpg]
[Image: nickfolesauto.jpg]
[Image: tarkentongu_zps0ad15161.jpg]
[Image: apoklagu_zps3ac9bdd9.jpg]
Check me for the Killebrew... Thx
more ft
[Image: dawsonsoloauto_zps047a6e35.jpg]
chipper topps tek
[Image: chippertoppstek_zpsc333b54f.jpg]
lawrie tc rc xfractor
[Image: lawrietcxfractor.jpg]
[Image: miltonbradleyauto.jpg]
[Image: mariscardssixtyseven_zpsbb64e194.jpg]
bosh auto/20
[Image: boshauto.jpg]
Nice killebrew....check me for it please....
I would be mad if my last name was "Hoes"...
check me for killebrew and wills
[Image: tedwilliamsarchivesgold_zpsea2a8cd6.jpg]
[Image: mattharveytoppsgold_zps0ccfd290.jpg]
[Image: canoxfract_zpsf322015d.jpg]
[Image: baygoldmini.jpg]
[Image: hamiltonmasterpieceauto_zpsaeaf26ad.jpg]
[Image: tulotributeauto.jpg]
[Image: bjuptonsweetspotbarrellauto.jpg]
Hey there, I still have that Eddie Murray patch from ITG you had wanted a few months ago ... would do it for the Foles auto if you're interested.

PM me, thanks! RJ
Check me on the Dawson and Bruce?
interested in the Killebrew sweet spot auto feel free to browse my org
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