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Below is a list of what I still have available with some added extras. I have a lot coming in in the next week so I'll be updating this periodically. I'm looking for Autos and Rookies of:

Machado, Profar, Wil Myers and maybe Trout. Also anything that really catches my eye.

[Image: null_zpsc1f2d910.jpg]
[Image: null_zps2fcc089e.jpg]
[Image: null_zpsf8a5000b.jpg]
[Image: null_zps387d5071.jpg]
Currently Being Redeemed. Just FYI
[Image: null_zps9e7088e2.jpg]
[Image: null_zpsf5da26bd.jpg]
[Image: null_zps5926cd42.jpg]
[Image: null_zps855598ac.jpg]
[Image: null_zps4eb3a9a1.jpg]
[Image: null_zps9f9b39df.jpg]
[Image: null_zpse22d0425.jpg]
[Image: null_zps754b03c1.jpg]
[Image: null_zpseda32dd0.jpg]
[Image: null_zpsce3885ca.jpg]
[Image: null_zpsc3dfc040.jpg]
[Image: null_zps69f164d7.jpg]

Let me know what you have and want. Thanks Smile
If you like graded cards. I have a '11 Bowman Chrome Draft refractor of Trout graded Bgs9.5. I like your Musial's. Thanks
Have an 2013 blue Bowman Profar #d. Check me for Stan's or Lynn thanks.
I'm interested in one of the top two musial autos I don't really want to part with any wil Myers autos but I maybe willing to if we can work something for one of the musial
ESA: Don't really do graded stuff but thanks though.

MTH: I looked through your org and couldn't find the profar for trade. Let me know.

Rad: Looking through your org now.
One Musial and the Ripken are gone.
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