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Decided I'd buy 4 boxes in hopes of getting some of the YG's crossed off. The LCS opened a new case just for me since they had already pulled the top guys from the case they put out on the shelf.

Lucic, Krejci. Paciorettiy, B. Schenn, Ovechkin, Holtby, Vanek, Keith, Suter, E. Kane, Stastny, Hall, Dubnyk, Hiller, Boyle & Barkov YG

Clear Cut Stoppers:
Halak #'d 86/100

UD Exclusives /100:
Tyutin, Craig Smith

Hockey Heroes:
Gretzky, Coffey, Fuhr, Kurri, Bourque, Roy, Lemieux & NNO Header Card

Fleischmann, Henrique, Couture, Tavares, Howard, Chara, Duchene, Skinner, Rinne, Voracek, Stajan, Belfour, Sundin, Robitaille,

J.T Miller, Granlund, Etem, Brodin, Grigerenko

Shining Stars Centers:
Hopkins, Huberdeau, Malkin, Crosby

Shining Stars Centers Rainbow:

Shining Stars Left Wing:

Shining Stars Right Wing:
Yakupov, Eberle, Stewart

Game Jerseys:
Ciccarelli - Minnesota Green, Hawerchuk - Winnipeg Red, Carbonneau - Montreal White, Eberle - Edmonton White, Brodeur - All Star Maroon, Francis - Hartford Green, Luongo - Vancouver Blue, B. Schenn - Flyers Orange

and now the YG's....missed out on all the top guys so not overly happy because it's gonna suck trying to finish this set...

Soderberg - Bruins
J.T Miller - Rangers
Fast - Rangers
Beaulieu - Montreal
Pageau - Ottawa
Conacher - Ottawa
Carrick - Caps
T. Wilson - Caps
Latta - Caps
R. Murphy - Carolina
Girgensons -Buffalo
Rielly - Leafs
Maata - Pens
Shore - Florida
Panik - TB
Jenner - Columbus
Dekeyser - Detroit
S. Jones - Preds
Nordstrom - Hawks
Schultz -- Oilers x2
Fasth - Ducks
Hertl - Sharks
YG Checklist

Could have been worse, but now more of the top RC's out there for everyone else
Sorry about the crap young guns

anyway we can see a scan of this ? Shining Stars Centers Rainbow:

I no longer buy boxes for the reasons above only buy singles now been so much happier (and have more money) the last 3 years I stopped buying boxes
You got a couple decent YG's with Jones, Hertl, Schultz, and Fasth.
interested in the Game jerseys (non white swatch) and the Craig Smith exclusive
Here's the link to the Stamkos card...

Thanks to those who have sent offers, but kind of having a bit of trouble when getting offers for the same cards from multiple people. Some of the cards with no BV's i can guess on based on previous years and others are complete unknowns annoyingly
I am interested in the Hasek. I can wait until pricing comes out if you are interested in moving it.
Just payed 75 a box . But this was at the expo ...... maybe it was worth it
I am interested in these when pricing gets up I have 40 extra ygs, so I am I can help u out.
Canvas: Paciorettiy, Holtby, Vanek,Keith, Barkov YG

UD Exclusives /100: Tyutin, Craig Smith

Hockey Heroes: NNO Header Card

MVP RC's: Grigerenko

Shining Stars Left Wing: Hall

Shining Stars Right Wing:Yakupov, Eberle, Stewart

Boxes were selling between $75-85 at the expo, late sunday I heard someone saying there was a table selling for $70. Upper deck has sold out Series 1, I heard prices will go up to about $100 box in about 2 weeks. So get them while you can.
You got some nice cards. Not sure the price for 4 boxes was that good. I am paying $64 a box from my LCS and he's holding 4 more at that price for me.
I paid $75 a box, plus tax so it was about $85 Canadian. I used to get a minimum of 25% off, but the new owner is a stingy arse.

Me and a co-worker even went in and bought a box of Artifacts each and some supplies 2 days before and he charged full price for everything....we weren't impressed. I even worked there as my first job years ago with this guy.
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