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I am going to be picky on many of these since its a good amount of PC. I collect ROOKIE YEAR Autos of Luck, Wilson, and Kaepernick in that order so unless I am getting a card I would rather have of those players I probably won't trade the ones I have. If you want something highend have highend to offer. If interested in something please SEND OVER AN OPEN OFFER and I'll check your org.

Apparently I have to repost anytime I add cards or remove lots of traded ones because I cannot edit my thread since it has over 100 scans.

Platinum Green Refractor Auto Bat JP Arencibia
[Image: ArencibiaJPPlatAutoBat_zps62c4bc15.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph Josh Bell
[Image: BellJoshBCBlueAutoRC_zps5b5fcd98.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Autograph Ryan Braun
[Image: BraunRyanBCAutoRC.jpg]

Sp Authentic By The Letter Patch Autograph /25 Stephen Drew
[Image: DrewStephenSPALetterAutoRC_zps689a0bf9.jpg]

Sweet Spot Glove Autograph Bob Gibson (Incoming)
[Image: GibsonBobSSGloveAuto_zpsbbcb3f26.jpg]

Topps Tier One Autograph Roy Halladay (Incoming)
[Image: HalladayRoyTierOneAuto_zps40ab8192.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph Billy Hamilton
[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRC-1.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph Billy Hamilton
[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRCb-1.jpg]

Bowman Sterling Autograph Billy Hamilton
[Image: HamiltonBillySterlingAuto_zpsd0d4d457.jpg]

Topps Tribute Black Refractor Jersey Autograph Josh Hamilton
[Image: HamiltonJoshTTBlackAutoJsy_zpsc2e0925a.jpg]

Ultimate Rookie Signatures Autograph Josh Hamilton
[Image: HamiltonJoshUltimateAuto_zps620a7e38.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Courtney Hawkins
[Image: HawkinsCourtneyBCRefAuto_zps1d653f85.jpg]

Bowman Platinum Green Refractor Autograph Brad Holt
[Image: HoltBradPlatinumAuto.jpg]

Topps Tribute Jersey Autograph Matt Kemp
[Image: KempMattTributeJsyAuto_zpsfd522887.jpg]

Upper Deck Clear Cut Elements Jersey Autograph Ken Griffey Jr.
[Image: GriffeyJrKenAutoJsy_zps66500378.jpg]

National Treasures Cut Autograph Harmon Killebrew
[Image: KillebrewHarmonCutauto_zps76abd0ca.jpg]

Five Star Autograph Juan Marichal
[Image: MarichalJuan5StarAuto_zps603a6c14.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Wyatt Mathisen
[Image: MathisenWyattBCRefAuto_zpsf6d14f25.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Autograph Shelby Miller
[Image: MillerShelbyBCAuto_zpsd3a9608b.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Jesus Montero BGS 9.5
[Image: MonteroJesusBCRefBGS95_zps02311b77.jpg]

Topps Five Star Silver Autograph Matt Moore (Not actual scan of card, incoming)
[Image: MooreMatt5StarAuto_zps48237287.jpg]

Topps Starling Quad Jersey Autograph /10 Albert Pujols (Auto Faded)
[Image: PujolsAlbertQuadJsyAuto_zps56e74bfc.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Colby Rasmus
[Image: RasmusColbyBCRefAutoRC.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Autograph Colby Rasmus BGS 9.5
[Image: RasmusColbyBCAutoRC.jpg]

Bowman Sterling Jersey Autograph Colby Rasmus
[Image: RasmusColbyBSAutoJsyRC.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Xfractor Autograph Colby Rasmus
[Image: RasmusColbyBCXAutoRC.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Corey Seager
[Image: SeagerCoreyBCRefAuto2_zps1fd4aac4.jpg]

Upper Deck Premier Blue Autograph Joey Votto (Has white showing on corner)
[Image: VottoJoeyPremierAutoRC_zpscce5e297.jpg]

Sweet Spot Blue Foil /25 Autograph Robin Yount
[Image: YountRobinSSAuto_zpsb759d151.jpg]

Topps Tribute Triple Autograph /24 Jason Heyward/Mike Stanton/Dominic Brown
[Image: HeywardStantonBrownTripleAuto_zps957a7288.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Xfractor Autograph Joe Mauer
[Image: MauerJoeBCXfractorAuto_zpsa133ab29.jpg]

Razor Autograph Mike Stanton
[Image: StantonMikeRazorAuto_zps7ff43eb6.jpg]

Tristar Dual Autograph Red /25 David Mailman, Anthony Rizzo
[Image: RizzoMailmanDualAuto_zpsff197b60.jpg]

Ultimate Decades Signatures Autograph /50 Bo Jackson (Incoming)
[Image: 909c3881-8c70-4c0e-8ef3-0dfc83e5324f_zps3f3e964c.jpg]

Bowman Platinum Green Refractor Autograph Manny Machado (Incoming)
[Image: 9a8204ed-70be-474e-9918-04206678bb17_zpse1219c19.jpg]

ITG Silver Up Close Signatures Autograph /190 Manny Machado (Incoming)
[Image: 3f00f0f9-e2c4-40a2-8b5c-51292ded5431_zpseccdea73.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Gary Sanchez (Not actual scan of card, incoming)
[Image: SanchezGaryBCRefAuto_zps92fcb727.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Jorge Soler (Not actual scan of card, incoming)
[Image: SolerJorgeBCRefAuto_zpsc70a0e80.jpg]

2010 Bowman Chrome Autograph Manny Machado RC (Incoming, vhtg)
[Image: MachadoMannyBCAuto_zpsd91eeac7.jpg]

2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph Anthony Rizzo (Not actual scan of card, incoming)
[Image: RizzoAnthonyBCRefAuto_zps81209991.jpg]


National Treasures Patch Autograph Eric Berry
[Image: BerryEricNTPatchAutoRC_zpsb8cf7bd2.jpg]

Certified Dual Jersey Autograph Sam Bradford
[Image: BradfordSamCertAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Spx Winning Materials Dual Jersey Drew Brees
[Image: BreesDrew2xJsy_zpsd30cfdb6.jpg]

Crown Royale Patch Autograph Ryan Broyles
[Image: BroylesRyanCRPatchAuto_zps54325cab.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Autograph Andre Caldwell
[Image: CaldwellAndreBCAuto.jpg]

Exquisite Silver Holofoil Patch Autograph /75 Jamaal Charles
[Image: CharlesJamaalExqAutoPatch.jpg]

Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Autograph /25 Randall Cobb (Incoming)
[Image: CobbRandallSterlingAutoRC_zps36f3a3ee.jpg]

Donruss Classics Autograph Marques Colston
[Image: ColstonMarquesClassicsAuto_zps750a192f.jpg]

Leaf Limited Jumbo Prime Patch Autograph Josh Freeman
[Image: FreemanJoshLimitedPatchAuto_zps6ed31f11.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Blaine Gabbert
[Image: GabbertBlaineContAuto.jpg]

Rookies & Stars Longevity Jersey Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertLRSJsy_zps296d223d.jpg]

Rookies & Stars Prime Patch Autograph /49 Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertLRSAutoPatch_zpsb6624beb.jpg]

Momentum Triple Prime Patch Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertMom3xPatch_zps242a767b.jpg]

Panini Black Prime Patch Autograph Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertBlackPatchAuto_zps2dbd3344.jpg]

Panini Black Prime Patch Autograph Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertBlackPatchAutob_zps7385b827.jpg]

Fleer Retro Autograph Robert Griffin (Incoming)
[Image: GriffinRobertFleerAuto_zpsff0caef2.jpg]

Topps Inception Prime Patch Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertIncPatch_zps8988599f.jpg]

Topps Supreme /50 Autograph Robert Griffin
[Image: GriffinRobertSupremeBlueAuto_zps5d58bd6b.jpg]

Absolute Spectrum Autograph Stanley Havili
[Image: HaviliStanleyAuto.jpg]

Upper Deck Icons Letter Autograph /16 Chuck Howley
[Image: HowleyChuckLetterAuto_zps3a2079cd.jpg]

National Treasures Game Used Nameplate Letter 1/1#d DeSean Jackson
[Image: JacksonDeSeanNTLetter_zps9ae0c55e.jpg]

Topps Five Star Game Used Nameplate Letter 1/1#d DeSean Jackson
[Image: JacksonDeSeanFSLetter_zps4072e658.jpg]

Exquisite Silver Holofoil Patch Autograph /75 Desean Jackson
[Image: JacksonDeSeanExqAutoPatch_zpsa331169a.jpg]

Inception Patch Autograph LaMichael James
[Image: JamesLaMichaelPatchAuto_zps94d9a708.jpg]

Finest Gold Refractor Patch Autograph LaMichael James
[Image: JamesLaMichaelFinestAutoPatchRed_zps9dff0c3a.jpg]

Contenders Playoff Ticket Autograph /99 LaMichael James
[Image: JamesLaMichaelContAuto_zps9febe6ed.jpg]

Donruss Classics Jersey Keyshawn Johnson
[Image: JohnsonKeyshawnClassicsJsy_zps32ab2dae.jpg]

Gridiron Gear Autograph Lamont Jordan
[Image: JordanLamontGGAuto_zps12db5075.jpg]

Press Pass Red Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColnPPRedAutoc_zps02aecb93.jpg]

Leaf Metal Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinMetalAuto_zps05050068.jpg]

Leaf Metal Young Gun Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinMetalYGAuto_zps3c74dc9c.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinContAutoRC_zpsf53652af.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinContAutoC_zps3eac740a.jpg]

Topps Prime Quad Jersey Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KapernickColinQuadJsyAuto_zps3fa59443.jpg]

Sp Authentic Patch Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinSPAAutoPatch.jpg]

Gold Standard Patch Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinGoldPatchAuto_zpsa90905af.jpg]

Press Pass Bronze Autograph Colin Kaepernick
[Image: KaepernickColinPPBronzeAuto_zps3e752a9a.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Jake Locker
[Image: LockerJakeContAutob_zpse0cff219.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Jake Locker
[Image: LockerJakeContAuto.jpg]

Press Pass Head of the Class Autograph /25 Jake Locker
[Image: LockerJakePPAuto-1.jpg]

Inception Jumbo Logo Shield Patch 1/1#d Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanNFLShield_zps8c4bea8c.jpg]

Topps Prime Quad Jersey Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanTPQuadJsyAuto_zpsd9b3e92a.jpg]

Sage 5 Star Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanSageAuto_zps1e940c3d.jpg]

Absolute Jumbo Prime Patch Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanAbsPrimeJumboPatch_zps7f48ece0.jpg]

Absolute Star Gazing Jumbo Prime Patch Ryan Mallett (Has creasing)
[Image: MallettRyanAbsCreasedPatch_zps93d41cbc.jpg]

Bowman Sterling Blue Refractor Jersey Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanBSJsyAutoBlue_zps1ac8e545.jpg]

Plates & Patches Patch Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MalletRyanPlatesAutoPatch_zps973ba372.jpg]

Topps Supreme Red Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanSupremeRedAuto_zps21188c3d.jpg]

Topps Five Star Book Triple Jersey Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanFiveStarAutoJsy_zps46b52dd3.jpg]

Prestige Letter Patch Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanLetterAutoRC_zpsd1f11a2d.jpg]

Prestige Helmet Autograph Ryan Mallett
[Image: MallettRyanPrestigeAutoHelmet_zpsf79d88f4.jpg]

Hot Prospect Patch Autograph Eli Manning
[Image: ManningEliHPPatchAuto_zps526bdaa3.jpg]

Triple Threads Jersey Autograph Doug Martin
[Image: MartinDougTTTJsyAuto_zpsc4283582.jpg]

Prestige Autograph Deandre McDaniel
[Image: McDanielDeAndreAuto.jpg]

Topps Superfractor Nameplate Letter 1/1#d Darren McFadden
[Image: McFaddenDarrenLetter1of1_zpsa13d3474.jpg]

Plates & Patches Patch Autograph Von Miller
[Image: illerVonPatchAuto_zpsede53acc.jpg]

Limited Jumbo Patch Autograph Von Miller
[Image: MillervonJumboPatchAuto_zps2a65d014.jpg]

Topps Platinum Autograph Carlton Mitchell
[Image: MitchellCarltonPlatAuto_zpse5f828af.jpg]

Fleer Jersey Rob Moore
[Image: MooreRobJsy_zps312306f7.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Cam Newton
[Image: NewtonCamContAutoRC.jpg]

Certified Dual Jersey Autograph CAm Newton
[Image: NewtonCamCert2xJsyAuto.jpg]

Press Pass Fanfare Autograph Brock Osweiler
[Image: OsweilerBrockFFAuto_zpsc8c2c1fa.jpg]

Plates & Patches City Limits Jersey Adrian Peterson
[Image: PetersonAdrianJsy_zpsc674a73f.jpg]

Prime Signatures Autograph /5#d Troy Polamalu
[Image: PolamaluTroyPrimeAuto_zps691121e9.jpg]

Leaf Draft Autograph Gold /20 Christian Ponder
[Image: PonderChristianUltAuto_zpsc69d046a.jpg]

Topps Platinum Patch Autograph /30 Darrelle Revis
[Image: RevisDarellePatchAuto_zps043bd9d1.jpg]

Contenders Autograph /75 Trent Richardson BGS 9
[Image: RichardsonTrentContAuto_zps32f91fc1.jpg]

Strata Clear Cut Jersey Autograph Trent Richardson (Incoming)
[Image: RichardsonTrentStrataAutoJsy_zps1cebafa5.jpg]

Upper Deck Jersey Michael Robinson
[Image: RobinsonMichaelJsy_zps66a52e74.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Matt Ryan
[Image: RyanMattContAutoRC_zpsc4a382d8.jpg]

Leaf Limited Patch Autograph Matt Ryan
[Image: RyanMattLimitedAutoPatchb.jpg]

Threads Silver Autograph Jimmy Smith
[Image: SmithJimmyThreadsAuto.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Matthew Stafford
[Image: StaffordMatthewContAutoRC.jpg]

Totally Certified Gold Patch Autograph Ryan Tannehill
[Image: TannehillRyanLimitedGoldAuto_zpsfd58ddd8.jpg]

Contenders Autograph Demaryius Thomas
[Image: ThomasDemaryiusContAutob.jpg]

Limited Jumbo Jersey Autograph /10 Demaryius Thomas
[Image: ThomasDemaryiusLimitedAutoGU_zpsd12810a0.jpg]

Contenders Playoff Ticket SP Autograph Mike Wallace
[Image: WallaceMikeContAutoRC.jpg]

Strata Jersey Autograph /40 David Wilson
[Image: WisonDavidStrataAutoJsy_zpsfcb57a13.jpg]

Prime Signatures Patch Autograph David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidPatchAutoRC_zpsfff8ba60.jpg]

Contenders Playoff Ticket Autograph /99 David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidContAutoRC_zps3ab607ee.jpg]

Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Patch Autograph David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidGoldPatchAuto_zpsc82bdf2f.jpg]

Momentum Triple Jersey Autograph David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavisMomentumJsyAuto_zps2e31a858.jpg]

Certified Fabric of the Game Prime Patch David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidPatchFOTG_zps15d020fe.jpg]

Panini Black Prime Patch Autograph David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidBlackAutoPatch_zps3d158d22.jpg]

Inception Autograph David Wilson
[Image: WilsonDavidIncepAuto_zps3237b7a7.jpg]

Leaf Metal Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellMetalAuto_zps776fe503.jpg]

Panini Black Prime Patch Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellBlackAutoPatch_zpse9642c2b.jpg]

Panini Black Prime Patch Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellBlackPatchauto25_zps3ded9b1d.jpg]

Triple Threads Jersey Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellTTTAutoJsy_zpsfc80a6f6.jpg]

Topps Supreme Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRusellSupremeAuto_zps1aaaabc9.jpg]

Limited Jumbo Jersey Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellLimitedJsyAuto_zps808ea222.jpg]

Press Pass Fanfare Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellFanfareAuto_zpsd1368232.jpg]

Limited Monikers Autograph Jason Witten
[Image: WittenJasonAutoLimited_zpsc3ac6c91.jpg]

Press Pass Paydirt Blue Auto /50 Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellPaydirtBlueAuto_zpsa6f6a5f7.jpg]

Prestige Draft City Destination Autograph Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellPrestigeAuto_zpsc72d610f.jpg]

Leaf Young Guns Autograph Sp Russell Wilson
[Image: WilsonRussellDraftAuto_zps31f104b8.jpg]

Finite Signatures Autograph Peyton Manning (Incoming)
[Image: ManningPeytonFiniteAuto_zpsebb0d123.jpg]

Sweet Spot Ball Autograph Magic Johnson
[Image: JohnsonMagicSweetSpotAuto_zpsfa50f830.jpg]

Luxary Box Autograph Dwyane Wade
[Image: WadeDywaneLuxuryAuto_zps41210f0f.jpg]
Check me for Machado green and machado BC please
Would also like a shot at those Machado Autos. Thanks
(11-08-2013 09:57 PM)thehueys Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for Machado green and machado BC please

Chances are when I get the Machado Green (unless I get something I really need) in I will be holding onto it now since beckett has dropped the BVs dramatically since I traded for them. Too soon for me to take a big BV hit. The Chrome won't be in hand until next week since I just traded for it last night.
One trade down, Sam Bradford is gone. Anyone else looking to get some trading done today?
Interested in the killebrew cut, thanks
What are you looking for on the witten..? Fiancee is a cowgirls fan.....lmk
(11-10-2013 02:45 PM)baker100309 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the killebrew cut, thanks

Checking in a bit, will send over an offer for it if I see anything for it.

(11-10-2013 05:54 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]What are you looking for on the witten..? Fiancee is a cowgirls fan.....lmk

Ideally I would love to pair it with something else to snag one of the cheaper QB AutosI don't have yet that I need from my wants. Kaepernick, Luck, Wilson. Other than that I'm not looking for one thing in particular.
(11-10-2013 10:39 PM)bgt masters of tikid Wrote: [ -> ]Checking in a bit, will send over an offer for it if I see anything for it.

Ideally I would love to pair it with something else to snag one of the cheaper QB AutosI don't have yet that I need from my wants. Kaepernick, Luck, Wilson. Other than that I'm not looking for one thing in particular.

Does it book? What year is it from?
It should be listed and marked for trade in my organizer.
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