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Not looking for anything special but would be particularly interested in the 2013 Topps Mettle Cards

[Image: trade_zpsb599ad6c.jpg]

[Image: trade1_zpsc4e12636.jpg]

Adding them to org now so post or send offer
i want the griffey and uggla sir
i have a ryan howard printing plate Smile
Can you check me for the machado and griffey please
Check me for Machado Please, Thanks
Please check me for the griffey and maybe Machado
Sorry, have to hold off on the Griffey.Can't find it in the base and trying to find out how to get beckett to add it.
Check me for the Machado. Thanks
Please check me on machado
check me for the verlander thanks
like the miggy/pujols dual,machado and verlander
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