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Hey all. Not too much going on in the trades department, been off the grid for a while due to work and family issues, but I'm hopefully back into the swing of things. I decided to rip a box of Prizm after work in the hope of putting a dent in my base/RC set, and maybe pulling a Bruins auto (Got Neely, Hamilton, Spooner, Soderberg and Krejci, but would like to get them all, they're such nice looking cards.)

I managed to pull four of the base cards that I needed for the set, leaving me with only eight more to go, not too bad there.

ONE rookie that I needed out of the twenty-three that I needed, so I still have a way to go there, but I now have a pile of doubles for trade.

Couple of inserts and parallels here and there, Subban and Schenn Prizm parallels, Huberdeau Pivotal Players, Giroux orange parallel Pivotal Players, Robinson Immortalized, Quick Net Defenders, etc., but the Autographs are where this box gets interesting. I checked a list online and found out that both of these autographs are SSP's, which is just fine with me...

The Russian Rocket...

[Image: 13-14PrizmAutograph-PavelBure_zpsaa82a272.jpg]

And the Golden Jet...

[Image: 13-14PrizmAutograph-BobbyHull_zpsab192a33.jpg]

Can't beat an amazing pair like that, pretty good odds in my favor. My last box landed me autos of Jordan Nolan and Martin Havlat, so I didn't even bother posting a thread about it, but this one was definitely worthy, haha.

Everything will be for trade, of course, for Bruins stuff. Cheers!
Nice hull auto
Sweet box 2 HOF players.
Sent you an open offer
Great break Chris !!! Cool that you got 2 SSP in one box. Maybe that's were mine that I should have got went Smile Congrats on the trade and I'll see if I have any of your RCs/Bruins needs.
I have a Krug auto from prizm...what other rookies did you need and base, i could possibly help you out...
Nice pair of autos!!!
Stellar break, Chris!!! I am interested in the Bure for sure!

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