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Full Version: No more warnings.....
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If your cards are not marked for sale, your thread will be deleted. Hate to do it but too many sell threads are being listed with cards not being marked for sale. Remember, you need to have them marked with your asking prices as well. I have deleted three threads today.

If you do not know how to mark them for sale, click on choose columns, then add sell and sell price to the left column, and click ok.

As much as I've been using organize lately, I didn't know there is a choose columns. Where is it located??? I know it's just me having brain lapses, but I don't see it. Thanks.


Never mind, I figured it out.

added the cabrera
or choose the "sell layout"
Glad to see this happening, its not a hard rule to follow and maybe it will keep the bad sellers from trying on this site.
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