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Looking to buy Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome Base and Color , Topps Finest Rookies of the following players:

Puig, Machado, Profar, Myers, Bundy.

Also will buy base rc autos of them. Thanks
Nobody want my money?
pm me, i got a good bit of what you are looking for in puig,machado and Bundy.
I've got a purple Topps chrome Bundy and a base Myers that I know of if you want to check my org.
Have quite a bunch. Check my bucket.
All responded to.

Mike: Any way you could list them? You just have so many pages to look through. Smile
Come on guys...please be reasonable about your asking prices. Geez. These cards aren't made of freakin gold and they don't carry more value just because you own them!
Check my bucket in PC , also have a purple bundy, machado chrome rookie and 72 insert..

Send me a pm with the Bundy, both Machados, 1 Puig chrome and any variation. Thanks
Anyone else?
You can check my org, I have some bundy to I have to upload to my org
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