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Hello All,

Just pulled this JPP Auto and of course Topps has no info available, or at least nothing I could find. Most info I find states card is limited and some ebay auctions state print run of 5 on the Camo D/C auto cards. JLMK if anyone has any info on the auto print run. Card is available for trade. Thx, Art

[Image: jp002_zps2f6e278e.jpg]
sunday bump
Any help will do bump
Well I cant help you but beautiful card!
I think this is a rookie variation, not serial numbered and has no listed print run available. Here is some info on the set. ....I got pretty much the same at Topps website for the rookie variation cards, that are not refractors. All the Rc refractors are serial numbered on card, and do have stated print runs.
So you prolly wont get an answer to your question other then, No print run was released.
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