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Wondering if anyone on the boards is known to supercollect Andre Roberts.....

I have something I wanna send out that BELONGS to an AVID Andre Roberts collector
Wow cant believe no one is a super collector, I collect him just because Fitzgerald is always under double coverage. LOL
I thought for sure someone on the boards used to supercollect him. I have a card that belongs in the hands of one...don't want to say what it is bc then the board vultures will come out of the woodworks
I do remember someone collected him but do not remember their username but they had a huge collection. I did ask if they were trading for him but they were not so I dont know.
I have the topps triple threads rc jersey auto 1/1 (the real one, not the pigskin or printing plate). He doesn't fetch enough on an auction site to validate selling such a special I was gonna freebie it to a tru collector
There's a thread that posts what teams/players people collect and the only name on there for Andre Roberts was cody_allen. Don't know how often it gets updated but at least a good start for your AMAZING generosity!
It's at the top of the Trading Boards
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