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got a PM from BURRforPRES the other day asking for my mailing address. i gave it willingly thinking that he/she would be sending some free base cards or something my way.

checked my mail today and found these in the package!

 photo Scan_Pic0157_zps4f23fc01.jpg

thanks for being the best!

if you left a return address, i could return the favor!
anytime a huge wvu fan and thought I'd PC tavon a while back...but started pursuing Geno and a different player (secret PC I have) I sold off a few tavons and had a few others laying around!
Sweet! Congrats! Nice covert kudos! lol
Nice Tavons, good job Burr
Wow sweet autos!
very nice!!
Wow, that was a great gift! Awesome job BURR!
Very Cool and Nice... Great People on Beckett!!!
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