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Hey all so been working on my all time dolphins auto pc more as of late.
Got these 7 in
Lester Towns
[Image: lestertownsauto10-25-13_zpsef2d24fe.jpg]

Charles Rogers
[Image: charlierodgersauto10-25-13_zps95904c31.jpg]

Scott Miller
[Image: scottmillerauto10-25-13_zpsb217163b.jpg]

Jim McFarland
[Image: jimmcfarlandIPauto10-25-13_zpsbc575a79.jpg]

Kevin Williams
[Image: kevinwilliamsauto10-25-13_zpsf0a31340.jpg]

Lance Shulters
[Image: lanceshultersauto10-25-13_zpsd4bf8903.jpg]

Ronald Flemons
[Image: ronaldflemmingsauto10-25-13_zps25c89868.jpg]

TTM Return Rick Graf 2/2
[Image: rickgrafttmauto210-25-13_zpsb66c68ef.jpg]

Random add for 3 bucks.
Edmond Clyde Gates letterman #/300
[Image: gatesletterman10-25-13_zps47e38270.jpg]

Now the Wakes
Longevity #/99
[Image: wakelongevity9910-25-13_zpsf3d4d8c2.jpg]

Red Sparkle #/25
[Image: cameronwakeredsparkl10-25-13_zpse5071eca.jpg]

Black #/58
[Image: cameronwakeblack10-25-13_zpsc5158e43.jpg]

Black Mini #/5
[Image: cameronwakeminiblack10-25-13_zps3b02a108.jpg]

Lastly a friend of mine got this for me at Rock and Shock.
Love it Smile
[Image: halloweenauto10-25-13_zps35d3ba70.jpg]
awesome!!!!! love the wake /5 that rocks!
Thanks man. Figured it being a right from topps release it will be alot harder to get than even the #/5 states.
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