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anybody on that could hook a brother up. lol.

pretty simple what i want, let me know. thanks.
i knew mine was but a temporary fill-in Tongue
ya, time to retire it though. i cut out the hernandez part, and made it my background wallpaper on my work computer lol.
What exactly are you looking for? I can do something pretty simple (like this or the last one with the players and the Lombardi trophies). Let me know what you were thinking, and I can let you know if I can do it Smile
when i get home, ill give you a full description, with the pictures i have saved i want in it.
Why? The one u have now is "killer"! lol
I'd pm phinzphan1372! He should be able to help u out!
I got a quick question, where exactly do you put the image code in at for a signature banner?
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