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ebay, in its infinite wisdom, has now made it so you cant see buyer id's in feedback.

the implications of this is obvious, both from a seller's standpoint and a buyer's standpoint, and the fact is: it isnt a good thing
I can kind of understand not being able to see it if you are a buyer, no real reason to see who else exactly has bought something from someone else (you can still see the stats on how many times someone has bid on a seller's auctions), but you can't see a bidder's username when they've bid on an item? That just seems silly.
To me it almost looks like beckets sell feature will be pretty darn good once it is rolled out, allowing you to set a price then negotiate. I know it is different than the auction format, but a lot of cards on ebay seem to just be buy now anyways. So I'm curious to see how the feature beckett rolls out will turn out.
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