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Well this season looks to be all messed up due to injuries & all the expected teams seem to be struggling! I want to know if your predicted teams are doing what "they are supposed to be doing" according to be on pace for your prediction! lol
I'm a born and raised Chiefs fan and knew we were going to be good but I didn't know this good! Honestly I think our record speaks louder than our play, IMO. A lot of luck and just boneheaded mistakes on our opponent's part, but we'll gladly take the "W" in the end! lol
Defense has carried us to where we are as of late but I think our test will be against the Broncos, who we face 2 times none the less!

For my predictions, I went with the "bandwagon or flow" of everyone else because it seemed the logical thing to do!
So I chose these 2 for "the show"!!
SEA vs. NE for the Super Bowl!

SEA got an edge over SF because of the Percy factor and the PATS I thought would pretty much run the show like they normally do!
And I don't think I'm alone when I had the NYG up there too!
Well all that logic of thinking was then! lol

Coming into week 8 I’m pretty comfortable with my NFC choice as SF seems to be struggling with some pretty "easy" teams and a lot of the teams are seemingly clamping down on KAPPY!
SEA "beast mode" is right on time & plus Percy is due to join the party real soon!
As far as AFC goes, well not so much! lol
I mean IND looks tough, PATS are struggling and even though they lost, the BRONCOS are a problem! I see the PATS making the playoffs but getting knocked out in the first round.
I see IND vs. DEN seeing each other in the playoffs again but with Peyton prevailing this time!
Well if you've made it this far in the reading you might as well share your opinion!
My prediction that I bet $100 on is correct...the steelers going anywhere from 5-11 to 7-9
I have a $100 bet with a certain someone on here that KC does better than DET!! Looking good so far! lol
the bengals should be on that list
doing great so far, I had it Seattle vs Denver, and that's still looking very probable..
Denver over Atlanta...

Atlanta has disapointed.
The Bengals could sneak in there, I could see that!!!!
As for Atlanta, since Steven Jackson didn't do what he was suppose to do and got hurt, along with the loss of their 2 star WR's, they are stuggling!

I think a lot of people took SEA vs DEN to be safe. lol
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