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Got me some packages today from the myth...the legend...the man known as MontanaCollector1619. I wanted to share it for everybody to see, cuz he is simply the best.

[Image: jo7sf1w6x250.jpg]


[Image: 3fx18576x250.jpg]

And although MC1619 claims that the dual auto is a Christmas present, he will be repaid in Montana goodness.

That is a guarantee.

Thank you, Terry. You are the best homie any collector could ask for lol.
Wow a free favre auto.... Wholey crap....Smile
That's some nice stuff right there! Nice job MC1619!
Dang! Kudos for the gesture! Congrats as well!
Hey MontanaCollector1619, check out my sig! Hint hint! lol!!!
thats a real friend!! nice cards!
nice! a Favre au, awesome!
WOW, what a package!
You're Welcome Chris Smile
Very Nice.
I'm green with envy over here. What do I need to do to get montanacollector to be my friend?!?! lol

Congrats on the gifts, thats awesome!!
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