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Full Version: A couple more cards
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Got some mail Smile Special THANKS! To Mik for the Bush Blue and Manning Red and Jdetter for the Manning Jambalya! Thanks guys!

[Image: img580_zpsd9f0fdea.jpg]
[Image: img581_zps3557efd5.jpg]
[Image: img582_zps5fafe294.jpg]
[Image: img585_zps7f3bf5b4.jpg]
[Image: img583_zps8994ea9e.jpg]
[Image: img584_zps61be325e.jpg]
[Image: img586_zps5a6168d8.jpg]
[Image: img587_zps0e8797bd.jpg]
[Image: img596_zps12c6b5be.jpg]
[Image: img595_zpsa0044b3b.jpg]
[Image: img593_zps138d7f55.jpg]
[Image: img591_zpsb6ad40fc.jpg]
[Image: img594_zpsc435362b.jpg]
[Image: img592_zps1e42c7d5.jpg]
[Image: img590_zpsf6a370be.jpg]
[Image: img589_zpscdc43ecc.jpg]
[Image: img588_zps714b64a9.jpg]
[Image: img597_zps4fb66811.jpg]
[Image: img598_zps00bc1e99.jpg]
[Image: img599_zpsc21b840e.jpg]
[Image: img600_zpsc2a0e785.jpg]
[Image: img603_zps007e70cb.jpg]
[Image: img601_zpsa3b5e45e.jpg]
[Image: img602_zpsa512e681.jpg]
[Image: img606_zpse0456746.jpg]
[Image: img604_zpsbff66c7f.jpg]
[Image: img605_zps7e67f4d4.jpg]
[Image: img607_zps542e2a5f.jpg]
[Image: img608_zps239817a8.jpg]
A couple more is a bit of an understatement lol Very nice Branesergen.
now, that's what I call a great mail day!
Lol - Thanks guys!
Awesome stuff bud
Thank you sir!
Wholey crap ...... Would love to get just one favre auto in one of my mail days .....there sure is a lot of gold there....Smile
My brain hurts. Wow.
Wow! Good to see another BGS collector. Thanks for sharing.
A couple cards lol. WOW. So much gold. Hayden Smile Jenny Smile . Hmm whats gonna become of the AJ 9's now that you have the 9.5 . I know where a good home for one would be Big Grin.

Congrats on all the pickups!
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