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Looking for Derek Jeter and Yu Darvish of similar value. Thanks for looking and lets get some trades done.

2x 2010 Bowman Platinum and 2x 2011 Bowman Draft
[Image: ae6709cf-aace-40d1-97ca-a8c4034ffff7_zpsa3417567.jpg]

2011 Bowman Draft Gold and 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft
[Image: f5aa6bfe-1cb8-46e4-8fe2-0377bcf46b2d_zpsc9a2badd.jpg]

2001 Topps Chrome #596 BGS 8.5
[Image: a490f6e7-d4d6-43a9-bbe5-ac7a30185867_zpse7012e58.jpg]

2001 Fleer Game Time BGS 9
[Image: 72fab82f-3857-45b3-84cb-fe19041c298f_zps2bb35c61.jpg]

2008 Sweet Spot Triple Jersey and 2011 Topps Marquee Titanic Threads
[Image: 3992e9c0-6f5d-4698-bfa7-e810eadd8e54_zps2ef88a9d.jpg]
Peek me for the Reggie.
(10-17-2013 12:33 AM)accfan01 Wrote: [ -> ]Peek me for the Reggie.

Sorry, didn't see anything I could use. Thanks for the offer though.
Could you check me for jeter/darvish vs. those trouts?
(10-17-2013 01:06 AM)petillo64 Wrote: [ -> ]Could you check me for jeter/darvish vs. those trouts?

Offer sent
Check me for trout chrome and gold!
One Bowman Platinum Trout is traded. Topps Chrome Pujols is pending, Bowman Chrome Draft and the other Bowman Platinum Trout is pending.
(10-17-2013 01:56 AM)jbcollins87 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for trout chrome and gold!

I didn't see any Jeters available for trade and I have all of the Yu Darvish. Didn't anything else I could use. Thanks.
Love the jackson and the red sox triple gu
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