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I am willing to trade in your favor. I am willing to trade the Rickey Henderson /#10 silver auto for the same card but /#15, the gold version. I am willing to trade these cards for 2012 or 2013 Museum Collection Gold Framed Auto's #/15. I am also willing to trade these cards for Jered Weaver autos. Let me know what you have and I hope we can make deals.

[Image: 1007131309.jpg]

Below are the gold framed autos that I already have and don't need. I hope you guys have some so I can add to my collection.

[Image: 10071313081.jpg]
I have a weaver 2012 ginter auto
(10-07-2013 04:53 PM)once78 Wrote: [ -> ]I have a weaver 2012 ginter auto

Can you post a pic of it? Is it low numbered, on card?
i really need the henderson please let me know what i can do
PM Sent
Love that Koufax. If I have something for it, like a chance. Thanks.
Check me for machado please!
i love these cards. i wish i had the $ to do what you are with them. they are the best cards ever!
Please check me on Machado
I thought my framed Buckner auto was golf but I just checked and it's silver. I have a redemption pending for Josh Reddick gold as well. I also just got a Weaver Five Star auto in from Topps recently.
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