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I was on a waitlist for an apartment which I was told would take quite a while to get into, but I randomly got called sooner than I thought regarding it. Anyway, I had to sign the lease that day if I wanted it, which I kinda had to as I needed to move closer to work so I wasn't spending so much on gas. The deposit for the apartment and for water hook up used up pretty much all the money I had (was also in a wedding the week before and I had to pay for a tux rental). I need to make some quick PayPal TODAY to cover gas/food/moving expenses until I get paid again.

I have roughly 1240 different Cardinals cards ranging from 1959-Present. Obviously I can't list everything, so I just wanted to see if there was anyone interested in specific players or sets. For the sake of putting a price, I'd like to get $175 dlvd for everything (which comes out to $.14/card). If you'd like a specific player or something from a specific set, just sent a trade offer and we can talk price. If I can't sell as a complete lot, there will be certain players that I'll be keeping cards of.

I need to make some money fast, so please reply or shoot me a PM so we can possibly get a deal going!

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