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Full Version: WTTF jeter auto
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Hey guys,
Missed one on my list. Looking for a jeter on card or cut Single player auto. My high end is pretty limited. I have a few griffeys ft including these two
[Image: scan0332.jpg]
[Image: 85AB4B5C-D50C-4360-981F-310333CD50D7-150...0d1b0f.jpg]

Matt kemp(sorry for bad pic)
[Image: image-21.jpg]

Bob lemon
[Image: 2085551B-5407-4EA8-BAC9-2B6078F1856A-132...3B6EEC.jpg]

Think these are all marked ft. Plenty more in my bucket let me know what your looking for
Hey man, Griffey is still on my needs list- interested to know how much you would want for it if you sold it? If not interested, free bump and good luck with your quest for a Jeter- I need him too still Wink
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