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Full Version: Needs list
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Here's my end all list of stuff needed.
(psa) indicates psa/DNA authenticated auto
(Bat) indicates I have a bat card if player currently

autos needed

Goose goslin (psa)
Dave Bancroft (psa)
Nellie fox (psa). $$$$
Bucky Harris (psa)
hank Greenberg (Bat)
Sam Crawford (psa). $$$$
Mickey cochrane(bat)
Zack wheat(bat) (psa)
Frankie Frisch (bat)
Lefty grove.
Elmer flick
Sam rice (psa)
Pie traynor (psa) $$$$
Eppa Rixey (psa) $$$$
Dizzy dean
Burleigh grimes
Heinie manush
Red ruffing
Gabby hartnett.
Ray Schalk. (Psa)
Earle combs (psa)
Jesse Haines.
Chick hafey. (Psa)
Harry hooper.
Satchel Paige.
Cool papa bell.
Jocko conlan
Al Lopez
Walter Alston.
Ernie Lombardi
Leon day.
Joe Gordon (psa) $$$$
Doug Harvey

HOF game used needed

Jackie Robinson (jersey preferred)
Roberto Clemente. (Jersey preferred)
Jimmy Collins
Johnny Evers

400 hr autos

Mark mcgwire
Fred mcgriff (sweet spot only)
Jose canseco. (Sweet spot only)
Juan Gonzalez (sweet spot only)
Bernie Williams (sweet sigs or inkcredible only)
David Ortiz (sweet spot only)

50hr season
Chris davis (nothing currently available)
[Image: scan0037_zpsd8f5f71b.jpg]
Awesome card db, afraid it's a bit out of my range. Surprised at the price on those
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