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Got mine today
[Image: 10-4-201333338PM_zps17207663.jpg]
I am a USC grad, fan and collector and pulled both of these myself ...

[Image: MattyTrojanAuto_zps37378aa5.jpg]

[Image: BarkleyEagles_zpsaf11f0c2.jpg]

Value-wise, I pulled a Geno Smith base auto/25 out of Target Longevity, a Cordarrelle Patterson patch auto/25 out of Target Longevity and an Eddie Lacy gold refractor patch auto/50 out of Finest.

But the Barkleys are my favorite by far.
Probably this. Pulled it from a free box of Certified (Panini contest winner...again Wink )
And I mean the EJ /25.
[Image: 0j6nrlx0x450.jpg]
Mine would be this (Now in the hands of PeytonVols18)

2011 Prime Signatures Yellow Printing Plate Auto
[Image: 2f5d590c-a5c2-43ca-9278-2e90eb851fb0.jpg]
Hmm I haven't broke anything personally but i have some hits in a few group breaks!
[Image: 9736381276_886db087be_o_zps578bb3df.jpg] [Image: IMG_5968_zpscbc42101.jpg]

I also hit a 2012 Limited Russell Wilson!!
I have terrible luck breaking stuff myself though! lol
Nice stuff guys!!
Not sure if it's my best, per se, but definitely my favorite:

The Elite black ink Johnathan Franklin Inscriptions auto Smile
[Image: 20130921_170559-1_zpsf7468718.jpg]

[Image: 20130921_170606-1_zpsed6076f2.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135851-1_zpsa4009c9e.jpg]

all pulled by me...not the best...but I enjoyed them
Well I guess you forced me to show off.
[Image: scan0054_zpsb8f37bc4.jpg]
[Image: scan0017_zps150e677f.jpg]
Oh yeah, like a 1/1 refractor patch auto of the hottest rookie in the NFL is SUCH a big deal ...

OK, it is. Awesome!
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