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Will consider pre-BV pricing trades for these 4 2013 Topps Chrome cards. Mostly looking for similar valued Cardinals cards (Yadier, Ozzie, etc), but will consider other PC offers. Warning: I will be pretty picky for the Puig and Machado.

The Orange refractors still have not been added to the Beckett database, but the CC Inserts are marked FT.

NOTE: The lines across the Puig is on the outside of the top loader, not the card itself. Will re-scan the Puig in a new top loader in a few minutes and add it to show there are no lines on it.

[Image: IMG_0112_zps030dc817.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0113_zps19612e94.jpg]
feel free to check me for those. i have some hosmer, moose and cards. thanks
Interested in the PUIG and machado
I'd be interested in the Puig base card.
Interested in both if you want to check me.
Heading out for a couple of hours and will check everybody when I get home this evening. Thank you for the responses!
interested... see if I have anything you like.. thanks
like the puig,machado and trout
i have these ft
'12 archives jack clark sp 231
'13 gq collisions at the plate y. molina cp-ym
'13 a&g ozzie sp 341
'92 bowman gold foil mcgwire (A's)
'13 arcives vince coleman sp 233 and these
garcia ref
[Image: howardredref.jpg]
[Image: jamiegarciabcref.jpg]
Well, I'll get in line for the orange Puig, thanks very much! RJ
Like the Puig and Machado. Let's trade again!
Let me know what you're looking for BV and we'll make it happen. Have some good Royals and Cards in my ORG.
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