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Hey all! Everything is going super well here for my little project. I need one more card to complete the 1986 topps set and that is:

1986 Topps #510 Wade Boggs

If anyone has it let me know and i'll trade for it. Also looking for 87's, 84's, 83's and 82's that I need as well. Thanks again!

- Rob
The link you posted is for the tiffany version.
I know I have several...just need to find one. It is yours free of charge if you want it, just send me a PM with your address.
I have the 86 as well as the 87.
ok great thanks. i'll send a message shortly or a trade offer
bump one time
I'll try one last bump.. just need this one card so I can finish this one up. Thanks!
So you need the Tiffany version or the regular version? I would like a tiffany version as well. But I do have several regular versions tho you can have.
not the tiffany version
(10-10-2013 08:04 PM)muz0 Wrote: [ -> ]not the tiffany version

I have the regular one if you want it!
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