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I have a few set needs as well..

I need:

BPP #'s- 15, 26, 61, 71, 2x86, 90

BCP- 33 of them

Top Prospects- Almora, Hanson, Meyer, Yelich, Sanchez, Arenado, Arcia

Diamonds in the Rough- Edwards, Alberto

Cutting Edge- 28 of them

I will also trade a set of Bowman Platinum Prospects...
Check me. Might have some of it
(09-22-2013 01:53 AM)rittmer23 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me. Might have some of it

Open offer and MSG sent..
open offer sent.
Check me. Think I have some of those.
i've got my extras for 2013 platinum in org
We have an open trade in the works. I have sooooo much platinum not in my org. Can you let me know everything you need. I can probably cover a good chunk of it.
I have most of what you need in my org, I will add the chromes in a few. LMK if you are interested. Thanks.. Also have a few of the Auto / Relics and a Mateo Auto....
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