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Full Version: New Dolphins mail
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Hey guys just a few little things.
1st a New Odrick topps blue for there being 349 of these only seen 1 other in a lot.
[Image: odrickbluetopps9-20-13_zps1e98348c.jpg]

Then i got a TTM back 2/2 Scott Secules
[Image: scottseculesttm19-20-13_zpsa5d60fc7.jpg]

then a Dolphins Rc auto
Will Davis
[Image: willdavisauto9-20-13_zpsadd31b1c.jpg]

lastly a new Tannehill auto got it cheep so i was happy to add it.
[Image: tannehillleafauto9-20-13_zpse5d275f6.jpg]
Secules! I still remember Chris Berman singing "Wont you let me take you on a SECULES"


Nice stuff!

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