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I purchased a Crown Royale Rookie Silhouette of Chris Givens off eBay from a guy and when I sent my payment I included a message and simply asked that he put cardboard or pack fillers over the card to add to the sturdiness of the package. Occasionally, I get cards in the mail that have those little wrinkle-like creases that extend out from the jersey swatch and the majority of the time that is caused from slight bending in the mail when a card doesn't have enough sturdiness over it. I see it happen waaay to often so I tend to ask sellers to add the extra protection. So the card arrives and there is no cardboard or pack fillers over the card...instead he taped on flimsy little single stock base cards. Well sure enough there were two small wrinkle creases extending out from the top left and bottom right corners of the jersey swatch. I contact him stating the damage and he tell me that he did as I asked and that I can only return the card in the condition that it was pictured in. Well obviously it's damaged, so it's not in the same condition (meaning he won't accept the return). So I open up a claim since he didn't want to help in any way (seller is obligated to get the item to the buyer in the described condition). So in the claim he over and over keep rambling on that the method of shipping was described in the listing and that if I didn't like it then I shouldn't have bid. He also kept rambling on saying that he even did as I asked and put cardboard over the single stock base card is hardly cardboard or packfillers. I've never seen anyone so irresponsible. So after about three days of this idiocy, I leave the guy a negative feedback. He flat out called me a thief saying I just wanted freebies and discounts and that I probably damaged the card....because I don't have a BS and full time job that I'm just sooo hard up over $10, right? This dude was just ridiculous. So today when I was able to forward it to eBay support, they of course gave me the refund. I ALSO noticed that eBay took the negative feedback off. What is up with that? The guy was the most rudest person I've ever encountered on eBay, but yet now others won't know about how bad of a seller this guy is. eBay is a joke....they let people act however they want and do nothing about it.
Sorry you had to go through that, its just weird because I sell 1000's of items a year and have never had anything damaged. I don't use anything special...just soft sleeve, toploads, team bags and bubble mailers...
You won't believe how many jersey cards I get in the mail that have those little crease-like things extending out from the swatch. Maybe my post office just handles packages bad.
Who is the eBay seller? Would like to watch out for them....
(09-19-2013 10:59 PM)slufan83 Wrote: [ -> ]You won't believe how many jersey cards I get in the mail that have those little crease-like things extending out from the swatch. Maybe my post office just handles packages bad.

Yeah it seems like your PO may just have some hulk-like workers crushing packages lol. We have been shipping for over 20 years and to my knowledge never had a damaged item...still have the occasional person who has no idea what they are doing on ebay and don't understand what they bought.
(09-19-2013 11:06 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]Who is the eBay seller? Would like to watch out for them....


Looks like he doesn't tell tooo much stuff, but he thinks he is an eBay know it all. You won't believe all the crap he said about how he knows eBay will side with him in the case, and blah blah blah.
thanks for letting us know who it was. Pretty shady if you ask me. In trades or sales i always pack everything the way i would like it if i was receiving it. I've gotten cards with those wrinkles too and now i know why. Always was mad at myself thinking i didn't notice the damage.
Your best course of action would have been to just ignore his responses and follow out the claim in normal fashion. If you made any type of comment of trying to correct the seller they will see it as provoking and remove any neg you leave after you get refunded. Simply just open the case, ship the card back, leave a neutral and be done with it. Why leave a neutral? Because you received your money back and ebay sees it as no harm no foul and less likely to remove it.
I rarely leave negative feedback. I've probably left about 6 neg/neutral feedback on eBay over 12 years. His listing had that he didn't accept returns, so it was 100% up to him for the item to arrive in the described condition. When he starting blaming me for wanting a freebie and/or discount and that I probably damaged the card myself, that was the last straw. Any seller on eBay that is going to sit there and call me a liar to cover up his own irresponsibility isn't going to fair too well with me in the feedback department. You're probably right though branesergen...because now he has it removed and eBay probably did nothing else about it.
there are rules to leaving negative feedback. you cant just say anything, and if he is a ebay know it all, as you described, he probably found a violation and got it taken down

this will hurt him even if the feedback is removed. ebay is really good about remembering cases now, and stars matter even more

but i got to tell you: this is the first time in 3 years i have heard someone say "ebay babies sellers". honestly, it's the other way around
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