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As an E-Bay seller for a few years now, I have to agree with the above post. Buyers get away with everything. I have sent numerous packages both big and small but always made sure I protected what I sent. The "proper" way to send a single card in the mail is to put the card in a penny sleeve, then put the card in a top-loader and sandwich the card between two pieces of sturdy cardboard which you tape together. This allows very minimal ability for the card to move or get pinched or bent. Bubble mailer a definite plus. I have had a couple of cards sent in this fashion that people claimed were damaged and when I asked for them to send it back AT MY COST, they would not send it. Basically had them stolen from me and E-Bay credited my account. I honestly dont know how E-Bay doesnt set some protection up for themselves. They must be making a killing on listing fees because they dont seem to bat an eye when it comes to issuing credits.
(09-20-2013 08:24 AM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]but i got to tell you: this is the first time in 3 years i have heard someone say "ebay babies sellers". honestly, it's the other way around

Bingo. I'm just glad eBay recently sided with me (although I was the buyer). But, seller wasn't able to get the much deserved FU negative feedback from me, and still has PERFECT feedback (720+).
Yeah. Your options as a seller for feedback are "positive" or "I'll leave feedback later."

DEFINITELY a buyer's paradise ... "hey, I can get a $100 card for eight bucks!"
those creases drive me crazy. i have like 8 unuseable 2012 absolute RPM autos because i was doing that set. 2 came from panini. i made a claim with them. but havent heard back yet. i;m sure eventually they will make it right.
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