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I've stumbled upon a whale card of Marshawn Lynch from 2007. Card isn't a bad price, and frankly it's a whale of my main PC player, but what would be a fair price you folks think for it?

I've thinking anywhere from $75-$100, but I'm curious what others think...
I would pay whatever I had to for the 2004 Mirror Black Colbert....I hope under $300
Guess it just depends how bad you want it. I said screw it and paid like 180 for this. I wanted one really really bad ever since i first saw them. Being /7 i think i did ok. Haven't seen any go for less that were this nice.

[Image: 1371335999177_zps50cf5c09.jpg]

Don't over pay but don't let it go either or you'll regret it!
For Jamaal Charles I'd prolly pay right around $100. Just depends on my available funds and how bad I really want it
No whale still out there for me for Bruce Carter, besides maybe his SPA 1/1 but I'll go as high as I need to but within my funds(Less than 400). Picked up his Superfractor for I think 180 2 years ago.
well since my main pc player is now currently behind bars and I sold off all his stuff, I wouldn't pay a dime. lol.

my other pc guys aren't as expensive, so probably around 75-100$ and under I hope.
My main PC Player is a very expensive Hall Of Famer, Super Bowl MVP, and All Time NFL Leading Rusher Emmitt Smith, so I know it will be very tough to say the least of getting a "Whale Card" of him, But I would pay up to $300. If I could find one! But it would have to be auto'd and pretty nasty!! LoL
Well...I let lust get the best out of me...dropped 200 on this...

[Image: image_zps0897e827.jpg]

Idk why I did it lol
Depending on the card....

Probably a g+
Im debating this issue right now... My whale / grail is on the bay for 600$ Sad
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