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Need help trying to figure out what card this is. Opg either has the wrong pic or doesn't say. I searched online, but different sites say different things. Thanks.
i typed this:

the picture is wrong. go to for correct pictures (this is why they stopped letting regular folks have access to the picture database),=1997+Pacific+...ble+marino

also, if you go to the beckett page for the gold prize card:
Thank you.
Is this FT?
(09-17-2013 04:55 PM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]Is this FT?

yes it is
I can't see it because of the glare on your scan but Pacific are easy because the insert name is printed around the card number.
It's a 1997 pacific invincible pop card... although from memory alone I can't remember if it's the redemption card or the prize card.
(09-17-2013 04:55 PM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]Is this FT?

Go Get em Baker!
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