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I've mentioned my wife's tolerable participation in my collecting and grading hobby before, but I don't think I've mentioned her obsession with order. Well I was annoyed with my inability to keep track of all of my cards so before the relaunch of the registry I had her design an Excel file for me. I suck at pretty much all things computer so she set up a template for me.

On them boring evenings with nothing else to do, we'd sit in the man cave while I called out information and she logged it. Well I've been having some spare time on my hands lately, and she's lost interest in helping, so over the last few nights I've been tackling it single handily after figuring it out myself.

I screen grabbed a few "print previews" to share our set up:

[Image: ScreenShot2013-09-15at90438PM_zps8cba52fd.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-09-15at90735PM_zpsa3193594.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-09-15at90241PM_zps91c84397.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-09-15at90422PM_zps81d3b7a4.png]

The Brees and "multi" cut off due to length. I'm still having some formatting issues with some things not aligning properly and occasionally when I do things with the serial # being 10/20 it'll change to 1/2 thinking it's a math problem, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. The latter problem we fixed by using the word "of" instead of the slash.

I had to get it caught up because I'm expecting a 52 card order soon from dear ole RW34 Smile and I'll be entering more cards.
If you want to prevent Excel from doing math on stuff (like your 10/20 going to 1/2), put a single quote (') before the number, and it treats it as text Smile I deal with that at work every day!
Awesome thanks.
So I tried printing it yesterday at the office. I was already printing some work related stuff and figured another 20 pages would go unnoticed. I don't make a habit of using office supplies for personal use but anytime I ask, the boss looks at me and says, "why are you even asking, of course you can."

After I hit print I saw the "180 pages..." and by the time I got to the printer (actually a ricoh copier down the hall) it had already spit out a huge stack of it so I just awkwardly stood around hoping no one would notice.

So now I need to reformat the size and layout or something.
Yeah, I've done that before LOL What version of Excel are you using? The Page Break Preview is pretty nice, though the different versions have it in different places.
Office 08 for Mac. I think we have an updated version in the house but it only came with two security keys and my wife used one of them already so I didn't want to burn the other one on a 3 year old computer.
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