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I was bidding on a Golden Tate card, and got an email that said I was outbid, and then a bid retraction was put into place for the card.

I get on ebay, check the user tikilildude, and see that his 2 items for sale are both being bid on the by the same bidder with little feedback.

I walked from it, but am a lil pissed as this was a /10 card of Tate that I've been trying to get, but being screwed over for it wasn't what I wanted.

Just wanted to share to beware of this seller.
I always report those situations to ebay as possible shills. There's a link on the right side of the auction that says something to the effect of "report this auction." Then you just select shilling as the reason. One of my biggest pet peeves for sure. I once had someone try to sell me a card directly after it closed saying the high bidder couldn't pay for three weeks, I declined and saw the same psa graded card several months later.
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