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Did a quick search of the forums and couldn't find an answer so i apologize right away if this has already been addressed. Anyways i have some cards from this set but there says no listing when i look up the set. Any info on why this is?

Also side note just got back into collecting after getting out of the military so I'm very new to this site, couldn't find a beckett magazine in any stores, let alone a card shop like anything i was used to from when i was an avid collector until my house was robbed and just started over this week , after many many years.... so again i apologize if this is already answered and i couldn't find it...

Thanks for any help in advance.

prices haven't been put up yet, they're usually up about 2 weeks after release date
yeah it just hit a couple weeks ago you have to give enough time for a good amount of product to move on ebay to get an idea of going rates.

I'd say late this week or most likely middle of next week we'll see pricing.

Although I can't see many of the patch autos going much higher than they already are. I mean the /1000 ones are going for $15-$20 on average already. Not much room for them to go higher. Base autos will be in the $3-$5 range and most of the color refractor autos /50 and up in the $10-$17 range maybe a little more for the bigger names (Geno, Manuel, Montee Ball)
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