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Finally responded to the last batch of offers, but could always use some more.

Here's what I'm really looking for in terms of sets:
• 1991 Topps - 4 common singles to complete set
• 2010 Bowman Platinum - base, prospects, purple prospects
• 2011 Bowman Platinum - prospects, purple prospects
• 2011 Topps Lineage - base
• 2012 Bowman Platinum - prospects, top prospects, cutting edge stars, purple prospects
• 2013 Bowman Platinum - base, prospects, cutting edge stars, top prospects, diamonds in the rough, purple prospects

Also looking for current Twins prospects and older guys like Brunansky, Hrbek, Cuddyer and Killebrew.

Also wouldn't make picking up a Puckett RC.

Shoot me some deals if you can help me out. Most of my org is available, but I do have a few I'm still adding, including a whole lot of football.
Sent you a TO and a trade message, thank you. Jerry
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