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Just added some cards to my org. and am looking to make some trades or buys to restock my non-profit inventory. Between what is sold as fundraising and what we give away I am left with some cards that I am willing to trade down for base or for equal valued inserts as well. Looking for any current Cardinals, Cubs in trades. But also looking for the usual Trout,Harper etc for trade or purchase. Will be adding more throughout the day. Cards are in great shape, however my office scanner is not. Shoot me some offers.

[Image: 2page_zps2a7b04a0.jpg]

[Image: 3page_zpsd701d970.jpg]

[Image: 1page_zps3b0b7711.jpg]

[Image: dayan_zpsd790525e.jpg]
I'd love the Matt Cain, please check my org!
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