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I've pretty much gone through every box of cards I have left since some of my stuff was stolen when I was in the hospital. As far as I can tell:

I lost three 5,000 count boxes. Two were stars and semistars, no big deal. Unfortunately, one contained my 60's, 70's and 80's stuff, including my rookies of Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino (5), Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Fran Tarkenton, just to name a few. There were a ton of 60s and 70s stuff I couldn't even begin to remember, and none were graded, so I have a snowball's chance in you know where of finding them on the bay if they showed up.

I also lost two 3,000 count boxes. One was strictly autographs, and losing this one made me absolutely sick. Among the items I can remember in this box:

2001 UD Legends Johnny Unitas Autograph
2006 Topps Total Steve Gleason autograph that I had gotten in person years ago when I worked in the Saints facility
Wayne Gretzky 1992-1993 UD Heroes autograph
1998 Hall of Fame Signature Series OJ Simpson Auto
2006/07 SP Signatures Michael Jordan Auto
1997 Pinnacle Inside the Can John Elway auto
1990 Pro Set Emmitt Smith rookie I got autographed in person when I lived in Pensacola
1996 Score Board NFL Lasers Troy Aikman Auto

Just a few of them, along with several IPAs from the time I spent in Florida and most recently back home here in LA.

The other 3,000 count box was unfortunately an overflow from my Number Ones collection and various non-sports celebrity autographs I had just started collecting the last year or so. These are among the ones that are now missing and presumed gone forever:
[Image: IMG_0037.jpg]
My favorite Brees card

[IMG][Image: IMG_0015-1.jpg]IMG_0007-3.jpg[/IMG]
[Image: IMG_0011-2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0016-1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0005-8.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-13.jpg]

I've been trying to make a list based off of what I had posted here on Beckett (thank God I have that!) for the insurance company and the police report. The overflow box sadly had several 1/1s that I hadn't had time to scan or post so I have no record of them at all.

In the end my insurance agent said I will recieve something, but nothing close to what I think the value of my stolen items were. In the meantime, I'm going through some legal action which I can't discuss here, plus...well I haven't stopped collecting! In fact, as I've been going through what I have remaining, I've decided to take a different direction of sorts in what I'm going after. As of late, my interest has been in set building, mainly older inserts, not as expensive as the new stuff but a bit more challenging to find. I've also decided that the "pokemon way" or as some of my friends have put it, hoarding (lol) is not as fun anymore. I actually have grown bored with the ridiculous amount of jersey autograph cards of each player each year. I think I'd rather concentrate on collecting the base of my LSU and Saints as I've been doing for years. If a card strikes my fancy and the price is right, then by all means I'll be on it like white on rice. Just makes more sense to me to own one nice card of a player rather than several, you know?

I'm also continuing my quest to own one of every Contenders rookie of all LSU players and anyone who has ever been a Saint. That's a reasonable task.

I'll be continuing my threads and posting my new stuff starting tomorrow. Have an LSU game tonight to I'm concentrating on that.

I want to say thanks to God, because I realize that this is much ado about cardboard, and not as important as what I was going through in the last few months. I also want to thank all of you in the Beckett community for giving me a reason to continue my passion of collecting. This is my collecting community, and I'm sure it would be less enjoyable if it weren't here.
wow .... this is a scary thought most collectors do not ever want to face!... sorry for your loss and hope the insurance company does right by ya....

have you notified all the LCS's in the area? also 1/1's should surface at some point .... maybe its just a waiting game until something breaks!
crap man, and I just got my stuff stolen too a while ago but it's bounds and bounds of light years away from what you lost. I know that exact feeling you have, I felt that about 2 weeks ago.
wow duch im sorry that happened...keep your eye out for the #1/xx because those may be the key to finding the rest. Like phinz said inform all the local stores...even if they are 2 hours away
Wow, sickening thought, I hate thieves...Not to try to make you feel better, but here's a story for ya, last week we had a big wildfire break out in our state park--Mt. Diablo SP, everything is SO dry here. They called in massive amount of firefighters to handle it. All of our local fire departments went in an attempt to save the homes. What happens? People break in to the fire department right down the road from where I live, and they steal everything that the firefighters had left-laptops, Ipods, everything they could get their hands's sickening and I have NO tolerance for such thievery...

I hope you recoup some of your losses. I have nothing in my collection worth anything, but would still hate to lose any of it.
(09-14-2013 10:13 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]wow duch im sorry that happened...keep your eye out for the #1/xx because those may be the key to finding the rest. Like phinz said inform all the local stores...even if they are 2 hours away

May also want to notify and consignment, flea market dealers and pawn shops...

a very long shot ........maybe make a craigslist post looking for some of the cards and the thieves may come to you to sell you your own cards!

and keep searching all the boards.

I do have a question for ya.... was it part of a break in where ya lost more than the cards or was it just the cards.... reason why I'm asking is if it were just the cards then it may be an "Inside Job"?
I can't image how you feel, but my ex dumped by Antonio Gates sweet spot gold rc in the toilet when she got pissed, and there's only 25 made. That was two years ago, and I have yet to see another show up anywhere. Sorry for your loss, man.
sorry to hear, hopefully your insurance company will cut a check large enough to help you replace some of the memories you lost Sad
WoW, that really sucks! I know how you feel as I've had the same thing happen to me and only my cards were stolen so I know it was an " inside job" as phinz put it. After that I stopped collecting for a few years as I was so sicked by the whole ordeal. But I started up again and I am happy! I hope you find the thief and they "throw the book at them"!
That sucks man! If it makes you feel any better I probably know who took the Tyson Jackson...
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