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Hey guys! Finally got all my Mark Grace needs in my org. There are a lot as I am at just about 325 unique cards in my PC thus far. Would love to trade for any and all Grace you don't want, base/90's insert madness/GU/auto whatever. Thanks!
i have a 3 color patch if you wanna check my organize, if you need it i can email a pic, just send an open offer
Don't have any Grace but I just wanted to say I loved the title lol
(09-13-2013 04:46 PM)decriscio619 Wrote: [ -> ]Don't have any Grace but I just wanted to say I loved the title lol

Haha thanks. Maybe we should change thet set collector thread to All Your Base Belong to Me lol.
not sure if I have any you need but your welcome to check
Looking to trade this weekend.
I have this.. have any puigs? or it is for sale..

 photo null_zps06bc5379.jpg
Bumping this up for new members. I've added over 160 new Graces to my PC since this thread started. Thanks for all the trades guys! Hoping to get to 500 unique by year's end - only 16 to go!
Sorry, all the Grace's belong to me Smile

We should talk - I could help your PC out tremendously.

Brad -
Woah, I'd say I have a ways to go. Definitely interested in any duplicates you're looking to unload. All my needs are marked. Trying to collect everything serial numbered 25 and higher first. You probably have everything low numbered anyways LOL
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