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you can link your beckett account to your comc account and actually view the b/vs on comc??? I just figured that out 5 minutes ago!!! I hope I wasnt the last to learn this...

Note: You must have a OPG subscription on beckett in order to view the pricing on comc.
How do you do it?
Search for Keary Colbert or any player from the sport you have an OPG for and where it says subscribe click that. It should then say already a subscriber? then link accounts here. I clicked the button and signed in using my beckett account info and boom it worked.
Yeah if you were signed in it would show bvs but recently you have to link your beckett account to view them. I buy from there more than ebay now so i like that they show bvs, pretty helpful in finding a good price for stuff.
I love that COMC has pictures for every card you see in there, so helpful to find the difference in similar cards!
OK, newbie question. What is COMC? Basically a higher end
(09-12-2013 05:41 PM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ] Basically a higher end

I learn something new every day. Thanks!
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