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Please someone let me know where these cards come from. They are graded, and I use that term loosely, by MGS (I believe they are out of business as their contact numbers on their site are no longer working and an email won't go through) and GMA. The four cards I would like to get re-graded by BGS, but I am not sure they will because these cards are not "officially" issued cards, to say out of a pack. Beckett has no listing for these cards and I find little to no information online. This is what I do know....

The Manti Te'o is a J&L Art card and though I cannot find the card on GMA's website, they do sell these types of cards and it is graded by them. The card is on canvas and has a blank back.

The two 2005 Premier Prospect cards seem to be from no set as I cannot find like cards. I see others from other years, but nothing consistent.

The Montana is a 1990 Notre Dame Collegiate Collection Promo #3. The label dose not say promo, but that card in the set is #40, not #3. This card is autographed and numbered to 1979. Now, I have seen a few of these, graded by MGS. A few with the numbering on the front, others on the back. I finally noticed that the set card #40 has the numbering on the front and the promo set #3 has the numbering on the back. I have also seen one graded by WGS. I did see a #1 from the set numbered 3/3 with a "1977 National Champs" below the auto graded by PSA.

Where did these cards come from and will BGS grade them, or at least slab the art cards? I know if they would, I would have to send the Montana to JSA first.

Thanks to anyone that can help shed some light on the matter.

 photo MontanaFront_zps12548a96.jpg

 photo MontanaBack_zpsa62a2809.jpg

 photo Quinn-SamardzijaFront_zps2fbabe2e.jpg

 photo Quinn-SamardzijaBack_zpsb1bc86f5.jpg

 photo Teo_zpsfeb53b21.jpg
Last three are "art cards", hand drawn by someone. Someone sitting in their home drew them and sold them as "art". They are not licensed.

I know the Montana is from a licensed Notre Dame collegiate set, but as far as the autograph goes, not sure.

Never heard of that grading company either
1. the two companies represented here for grading are scum. they grade anything and know NOTHING about cards
2. the montana is from the collegiate collection. however, they did not produce a montana autograph. this was never issues in packs. very good chance it is bogus
3. the three art cards are as stated by the above poster. beckett i dont believe will grade them because they are unlicensed
Thanks for the info. Will Beckett at least slab the art cards as they would a photo? With the Montana, I would have to send to JSA first and with comparing the signature with my untrained eye, but good attention to detail, it has all the little nuances and details Joe has in his short hand signature. I know MGS, WCS and almost all other grading companies are bogus with the exception of BGS, PSA and a lot of people swear by SCG. The MGS slabs used to be sold at Walmart & Target all the time. With the art cards, I got them because I liked them and it is hard to find anything with Jeff in his football uniform, card wise. I got the Te'o because it was his iconic pose and it looked cool. I just hope the Montana auto is legit. Not because I spent a lot of money, but because there is very few of him signing a card in his ND uniform.
Pretty sure Beckett will inspect the signature. I've see graded cards graded by BGS of random cards people got signed at fan days. Could be wrong.
This is an example of an art card
[Image: IMG_0016-2.jpg]

Looks very nice. Is not made by any card company, which the seller let me know firsthand. Art cards are not licensed by the NFL or NFLPA and are therefore not officially a sportscard, though I would definitely say once I got these that they should be LOL!

I really hope you didnt pay a lot for that stuff
I didn't. I paid $30 for the Montana and no more than $10 for each of the others. If a value was to be put on the art cards, I like them so I say they are worth it. They can't be "fake" if they are not reproductions of an original so I just have to know I paid for an item for my PC.
Art cards are fun. And becoming more popular. After a while I am sure some makers of these cards will become popular. And more collectible. Right now there is a lot of people dabbling in this, so there is a good chance of these type of cards saturating the hobby though. I have been thinking on making one for my pc. Not to sell. If it turns out well I might make one for a friend. *shrugz*
One thing I find interesting about these cards for PC, made by yourself or a trusted friend. Some of these "artist" are taking actual auto stickers off of low end cards, and placing them on their art card. This could be interesting because if the card is sent into beckett the auto can be confirmed, and slabbed as such... Kinda cool.
BTW- The reason I say for "PC" is because i dont think you can sell a card that is like the one above for the KC Cheifs. Using the NFL teams LOGO/PLAYER could cause some problems. Thats just my guess. But to create a card for your own use, or MAYBE as a gift should be ok IMO.
JSA and Beckett got back with me and they said what I thought they would. The art cards are a no go and the Montana will have to go to JSA first before possibly going to Beckett. I still haven't gotten any clue where the Montana came from though. The best answer I got was from a guy on eBay that had one of them #'d 3/3 and was authenticated from "Triumph Sports & Joe Montana" and has a hologram. He believes that these other signatures may have originated from Triumph Sports as well before they went out of business. Any ideas?
Y'all remember going to flea markets and ppl would have those knock off art cards back in the 90s? I was too young to know any better so I remember buying some of those cheesy things.
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