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I am probably one of the biggest Matt harvey fans in the world, and I want to prove it by starting my project.
For this project, my primary card will be his 2010 Bowman card (With variations) and his 2012 Topps update #US23 RC is my secondary card.

Here is what I hope to collect by the time I graduate college in 4 years.

2010 Bowman
Base 100 (Have 5)
Gold 10 (Have 0) (Awaiting 1)
Blue 1 (Have 0)
Chrome 25 (Have 0) (Awaiting 1 )
Chrome Blue 5 (Have 0)
Chrome Gold 1 (Have 0)

2012 Topps Update
#US23 50 (Have 1)
#US23 Gold 10 (Have 0 )
#US23 Orange 1 (have 0 )
#US23 Black 1 (Have 0)
#US276 50 (Have 0)
#US276 Gold 10 (Have 0)
#US23 Orange 1 (have 0 )
#US23 Black 1 (Have 0)
#US23 Gold Sparkle 5 (Have 0 )

2013 Topps #577 100 (Have 1)

I am also looking for at least 1 of every Matt Harvey card that has a print run of at least 50.

For all of these cards, I hope to trade with you. 2010 Bowman Base is the only card that I will be willing to pay for. I will pay up to $5 per card including shipping (PWE is fine for all sales and trades) I may also consider buying Chrome for $5 and base gold for up to $10 as well.
Thanks to a combination of Ebay and COMC, I have just purchased three Base 2010 Bowman cards, three 2010 Bowman Gold cards, and three 2010 Bowman Chrome cards. I am now also on the verge of obtaining the Base Blue
The Blue has now been acquired, bringing my total Matt Harvey 2010 Bowman collection to 17! I am still looking for more though, a lot more. So send me offers.
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