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I am praying I win I never win with this its my second or third year trying and have no luck. I will not be greedy I will take any prize.
Over 1,300 entries so far...Good luck to everyone!
I love this promotion....but I've never won Sad Maybe this year???
I love it! Good luck to all!
Congrats to the winners so far.
(09-04-2013 02:54 PM)wtsjr Wrote: [ -> ]Over 1,300 entries so far...Good luck to everyone!

i enter every year. you never know when lady luck is gonna come your way. good luck to everyone!!!!
As a special Thank You to all our valued members, I would like to offer you special pricing on our Beckett Certified Appraisal product.

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Thanks, Bill S.
With thousands of entries every day and just a month's worth of prizes, odds are that most of us will never win. That's okay though, Beckett sure doesn't have to do this. They're doing it to add some fun and show us appreciation, which means a lot!
Just had a birthday a few days ago (Sept. 2), be a great (late) birthday present!!!!!!
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