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Subject line says it all... I have two of each of these cards. Not looking to really trade down unless im wowed by the offer. Current players im collection:

Chris Davis
Wil Myers
Mike Trout
Yasiel Puig
Stephen Strasburg

and of course, but looking for the 5 players above first

Bryce Harper
Jean Segura
Manny Machado

and any other RCs of similar value

I will sell as well so if you are interested send me a PM and we can go from there

[Image: b13b6bb2-4288-49aa-87a5-b5d53f5ea6a5_zps2cdf3186.jpg]

[Image: image_zps5c733031.jpg]
Interested in the Jeter. Let me know, thanks!
nice cards buddy
feel free to check me for the Goldy as well. or if we can do both, great. thanks
 photo null_zps6c252899.jpg

 photo null_zps26960794.jpg
Very interested in Goldschmidt. I have new stuff please check me on it
Check me for a Goldy thanks
Check me for the Jeter please. Cheers.
check me for the Goldy
WOW... Didnt expect this type of response looks like ill be moving these two cards quicker than i thought please all be patient. Thanks Richard
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