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Full Version: 50.00 could be yours.
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I won't be able to compete with everybody, but here goes a shot.
Sorry for how the pics look.

[Image: 2013-08-16-231951_zps0ce9802c.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232012_zps4d0b72d3.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232020_zpsa0988042.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232033_zpsbe1f2208.jpg]

Parallel Cards

[Image: 2013-08-16-232200_zpsa7f90523.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232215_zps452a464a.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232234_zps770220d3.jpg]

Rookies and Similar

[Image: 2013-08-16-232432_zps1aef9a8d.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232444_zps3f7ea2a7.jpg]
[Image: 2013-08-16-232450_zps9036563d.jpg]
Bump everybody
(08-16-2013 02:30 PM)photowiz1 Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty a$$ card! Always like doing business with you snappy! Thanks for the offer!

right back at'cha man!! thanks
whos the winneeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!! lol
So no one won??
Actually a member who PMd me
Who is the member and what did you get out of the deal, because me personnel would of picked (Snappyjoe75) THAT SANO is sick big money right there i think $50 was a steal on that card.
A Matt Ryan RC AU
It was between the Sano, and a different Matt Ryan RC AU
(08-20-2013 03:54 PM)photowiz1 Wrote: [ -> ]A Matt Ryan RC AU
It was between the Sano, and a different Matt Ryan RC AU

Nice choice!
would have done that myself!! lol. thanks
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