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I posted a similar question a couple of years back... in fact, when I did a search, I found the post I made, but this is a little different.

I have two folders in My Organize, one for my son (he's only 12 and therefore cannot have his own account yet) and one for me.

We have done a pretty good job of keeping things separate over the years. For example, if we have the same card, we duplicate it and put his quantity in his folder and my quantity in my folder.

Now, I am embarking on entering a large quantity of cards from a 2010 Topps 206 case break into my folders, but he already has lots of the cards entered in his collection from two box breaks.

I really don't want to go through and manually duplicate all the cards in his collection (there are 356 cards) and then move those with zero quantities to my collection, but I cannot think of an easier way to do this. I would be okay if I could bulk add everything in the base set to my collection and then just update the quantity I have after sorting everything, but if I bulk add them, it won't add the one's that already exist for him.

Any ideas? If you need more details, happy to provide them.
I have encountered a similar issue. I have sets that I like to keep separate from my individual cards. So I had to do this, luckily duplication is not as difficult as it used to be. But given that you are keeping track of two separate collections you might have to spend the time and do what you don't want to do. Good Luck, hopefully there is a better way of doing this. I wouldn't wait for an answer though, you should just have your son do it for you. Smile
If the org is still working try this:

Create temp collection
Bulk add everything in the set from the search set that is not in your org right now
Goto All items and search for set
Highlight everything and ADD TO new collection
any ideas on how to have the same card (I need to do apx 9000) different cards with as many as 6 variations all in separate folders (6),. everytime I add any of them to my have (pc) folder to show that the set is complete and that I have one, it wont show the haves, because they all have wants and/or trade fors in other collections and vice-versa. all need to use the full comment section to distinguish them (basically the same comment for "each type of variation", therefore they must have separate collections especially for viewing, but it will not keep them apart. multiple issues. Also, why does Organize have to integrate all collections, this is ridiculous, doesn't make sense to have multiple collections, if it is going to merge them anyway. pm me with suggestions. "the card collector" data base, doesn't prevent this,
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