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hello fellow collectors the title says it all if there is anyone interested in a-rod feel free to browse my org see if we can knockdown some trades
I am still collecting him but his priority in my queue of 27 PC guys has dropped some lol I amy check your ORG this weekend but I'm sort of taking a mini break just because I have some other stuff going on right now.
i have an auto of him if anyone is interested
Sent open offer.

Anyone need this?
Do any of these cards come with a commemorative syringe from his steroid use? If anyone on here is still a fan, I apologize.....this is just an attempt at humor.
i still want an auto (preferrably in a yanks uni) and a graded rc if anyone has it!
Open offer sent.
I still collect A-Rod cards in Yankee uniform. During season my MLB trades drop as I focus more on the prospects.
trade bump
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