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2013 Allen and Ginter's AGA-MC Mark Cuban Red Ink Autograph Framed Mini 08/10

Just pulled from my hobby box break.

$275 OBO

[Image: IMG_3266_zpsf4215400.jpg]

[Image: img344_zpsf7b69386.jpg]

[Image: img345_zps71adb356.jpg]
What do you want to trade it for?
(08-09-2013 12:00 PM)Racinghy Wrote: [ -> ]What do you want to trade it for?

it looks like he wants to trade for CASH!!!!!!
Is that price firm?
The price is negotiable. And LOL @ lecreccio
Price lowered. Will entertain offers. Thanks!
Mark should buy it for a crazy amount , so he gets in the news and promotes his team. Send him a crazy offer
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