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(08-10-2013 01:33 PM)boxer4psi Wrote: [ -> ]I would get the card graded and the autograph authenticated by JSA. I think BGS and JSA have a partnership in this regard.

Yes. Yes they do.
(08-10-2013 01:39 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]i wouldnt grade it, i think those edges and corners look a little rough. however i would personally have psa authenticate the auto and slab it.

just my two cents, great card!

JSA also Authenticates, as mentioned above.
Yea I thought about doin that last time I was over there (I live about 10 minutes from Beckett's HQ), just didnt pull the trigger on it.

I'd keep it, but I really never got into baseball and I think someone who really loves the game might appreciate it a little more than I do. Based on the response I've gotten here I should probably authenticate and slab it before trying to move it. If anyone else is interested in it pre-authentication let me know, I'd sell it or trade it
I would feel better if you would keep it. I still a my 1978 Nolan Ryan my Gram gave me when I was 14. Still treasure it today. If I lost my whole collection that card alone would hurt me the most for it is about the only thing I have left that she gave me personally except for 6 toy cars when I was 8 years old. But iif you really cant stand it and want to move it I have 50 Farves and 7 ARs left for trade
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