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Full Version: Best break EVER!
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So I haven't broken anything for a while and I was out and about today so I decided to hit the LCS while I was at it. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money. I just wanted a few packs of the new Score. I don't collect Score (or even really like it) but I wanted to break some 2013-14 stuff and Trilogy is to expensive for me. All I really wanted was the Gallagher RC and the Galchenyuk (and maybe a Yakupov) but I rarely pull the big rookies, even from the cheap packs and score is a huge set. So I started with two packs and hit the Galchenyuk on the very first one. How's that for luck? So I cleaned out the rest of the box. Here's the damage:

Devan Dubnyk

Evander Kane
Mike Green
Cody Franson
Jake Gardiner
Ryan Reaves
Andy McDonald

Alex Galchenyuk NFT
Brendan Gallagher NFT
Erik Gryba
Michael Sgarbossa
Thomas Hickey

Only opened 6 packs and pulled both cards I wanted! Needless to say I was feeling lucky so I asked for 3 packs of SPA. Here's what I got:

Brad Marchand
Phil Kessel

And this:
[Image: 1213spa_fw_patch_kreider_zpse02e67a0.jpg]

Chris Kreider Future Watch Patch Auto /100 WOW!!!

So that was it for SPA. Figured I hit the case hit so I figured I'd leave it alone. Glad I did because there was a fresh box of Artifacts on the top shelf. I bought one pack.

[Image: 1213art_patch_gold_shattenk_zps9fea719c.jpg]

BAM! Kevin Shattenkirk Gold Spectrum Patch /15. 3 Colours too!

So no more Artifacts but I'm on fire! Let's see if I can keep it going. How about 2 packs of BTP?

First pack was all base but had a Patrick Roy puzzle piece which is PC.

Second pack had this:

[Image: 1213btp_rivals_belfour_cujp_zpsbd5f93e6.jpg]

Ed Belfour / Cujo Rivals Jerseys Silver. Sweet!

This is the best break I've ever had, I think. I've pretty much been getting hosed at the LCS for the last 2 or 3 years so it's nice to get revenge!

I didn't think they were out yet but I had to ask about the new OPC (being and OPCFan and all) and turns out he just got a case. So I got four packs.

Dougie Hamilton
Leo Komarov

Patrick Marleau
Scott Hartnell
Doug Murray

Team Rings:
Vancouver Canucks

Craig Smith

So no Gallagher or Galchenyuk there but I'm not complaining! After that I called it a day. Figured I'd quit while I was ahead. Most everything is for trade except the Habs rookies. The Kreider I think I'll put on eBay eventually unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse.
That is unreal! Congrats on an amazing haul!
Thanks! I can't find the Kreider in the OPG. Anybody know what set it belongs to?
So afterwards did you go buy a lottery ticket also?
You know I always say that to people who have a good break and today it never crossed my mind until I got home. Maybe tomorrow?
Nice looking hits!!! COngrats
let me know if want anything I have for the Belfour/ joseph patch
Great Stuff!!! Congrats!!!
(08-07-2013 01:28 PM)brewcrew94 Wrote: [ -> ]let me know if want anything I have for the Belfour/ joseph patch

Sorry didn't see anything that I could use.
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